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Tuesday, May 10

S05 Written Assignment

Construct : S05 Current and Future Development of Open Source Software and
Latest Development in ICT
Aspect : LA2.S05.1 Explain the latest open source software available and the latest
development in ICT
Instrument : Written Assignment
Work in groups of two to four to find information and discuss on the latest open source software
available and the latest development in ICT. Complete this written assignment individually.
You are given two to four weeks to complete this assignment.
Content Format
1.0 Introduction
(meaning of open source software, hardware, software, etc)
2.0 The Latest Open Source Operating System (OS)
2.1 Meaning of open source OS
2.2 Examples of open source OS
(explain two examples)
3.0 The Latest Open Source Application Software
3.1 Meaning of open source application software
3.2 Examples of open source application software
(explain two examples)
4.0 The Latest Development in ICT
4.1 Hardware
(state specification OR special features of ONE hardware and compare it to previous
4.2 Software
(state year/date of release, special features of ONE software and compare it to
previous version(s))
5.0 Pervasive Computing
5.1 Meaning of pervasive computing
5.2 Examples of pervasive computing
(explain two examples)
6.0 Conclusion
(give at least two sources of reference)
Document Format
 cover page
o Candidate’s details
o Title: The latest Open Source Software Available and the Latest Development in ICT
 page margin - top, bottom, left, and right: 1”, paper size - A4
 line spacing - 1.5 lines
 typeface - Times New Roman, font size- - 12 pts (content), and14 pts for title/heading
 number of pages - 3 to 10

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